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It's Examination Time !

Exam is an effective way to assess and analyze the skills and potentials of the students. It brings out the strengths and weaknesses of a student. This in turn helps the students to analyze their abilities and performances and overcome their flaws. Facing an examination leads to develop the quality of immediacy and also a competitive attitude among students thus helping them undergo an all-round development. Exams are not nerve-racking as everyone believes it to be. Instead it gives all a chance of improvization, self-development and building up self-confidence.

- Srujana Ambedkar

1st PUC PCMB (2021-2023)

Today we are living in a world full of competition. We are taught - there are winners and losers. We are taught to compete and outshine everyone else. Examinations today have become an essential part of every student's life. It helps to improve one's learning, assessing and assimilating. Facing an examination builds up the self-confidence among the students and helps them test their knowledge and skills. This, in turn, promotes a sense of competition among all students, thereby helping them to win accolades. It also helps teachers and facilitators to understand the academic abilities of students and reactify their shortcomings. Hence, students should be confident throughout and have no fear because exams are nothing but just another tool for learning and development and self analysis

- Ekanth Prem

I PUC (CEBA) 2021-2023 Batch

Examinations highlight the true potential of students. It brings out the best of a student's knowledge, logical thinking and patience. It helps an institution know its students better their strengths and weaknesses, thus helping them to grow into confident individuals. In India, there are lakhs of students who write various competitive exams every year. Thanks to these examinations, we have been able to recognize the future masterminds of our country. Today, JEE, CET, NEET, etc.are some of the most difficult examinations to crack. But it helps to assess and assimilate the deserving and eligible candidates. Many tech heads, tycoons and highly designated people outshine today by cracking the toughest examinations. Exams should thus be considered as a key to motivate ourselves, improve our skills and help us discover the competitive-self in us.

- Kaustubh Shenoy

I PUC (PCMC) 2021-2023 Batch

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